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Green Star uses state-of-the-art technology drones with a high-resolution lens and 4K camera with leak detection to help identify present conditions and future concerns as well as any adnormal roof fractions. 

These inspections are much more detailed than a traditional roof inspection and reads more information than the human eye. 

Our trusted professional drone technicians will show you the pictures as well as the findings from the inspection..

Storm Damage Roof Repair

24 Hour Emergency Service

In an emergency situation, minimizing damage to your facilities, products, and equipment becomes the number one concern of each of our employees.

Our repair men have extensive experience in handling these situations, and our response process is constantly analyzed in order to provide fast, experienced, and professional assistance to our customers during these adverse events.

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Storm-related Commercial Roof Damage

Tornadoes, summer downpours, winter weather, hail stones or trees that may all randomly hit your commercial roof with destructive consequences beyond its current capability. We will rapidly respond with durable materials.


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