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Multi-Family Rental Property Roofing

At Green Star Commercial Roofing we take pride in providing you with the highest quality roofing specialists, technicians and experienced repair personnel. Our installation crews take pride in the job they do.

We have also developed a program specifically for property managers and building owners so that there is one less thing to worry about in managing properties.

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Office Building Roofing 


Commercial offices can’t stop work for a roofing project. High rises, for example, present unique challenges such as limited access, service elevator staging, high security, after-hours night construction, high traffic, wind effect, and structural issues such as cell phone towers, etc.

Also, roofing specifications can be somewhat unique to high-rise buildings that might include self-stick, non-penetrating, and I-60 to I-90 systems.

We make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum, paying special attention to safety issues and to keeping the site free from hazardous and falling debris.

From standard commercial to high-rise office buildings, Green Star Commercial Roofing is well versed and ready to address your concerns.

Commercial Warehouse Roofing

Green Star Commercial Roofing has experience with a number of different systems that work well in commercial warehouse applications.

Analyzing life cycle cost, roof traffic, warehouse contents, and factors such as long-term ownership versus short-term lease are all factored into determining what kind of roof does this warehouse need.

“A warehouse roof can be a big source of energy inefficiency. Warehouse roofs are notorious for soaking up solar heat. While a facility’s ability to absorb heat might be advantageous for some facilities in the winter, it often means wasted money overall.

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Manufacturing and Industrial Roofing

Industrial facility roofs often must accommodate equipment installations and frequent foot traffic. Some may be exposed to chemical exhaust or temperature extremes.

Because of the environment, the highest regard for safety and OSHA standards must be maintained at all times. Interior protection from falling debris as well as ground-to-roof communication is mandatory. Often working 24-hour shifts, there is no down time for your roofing project.

Asset management, capital expenditure ROI (return on investment), and short and long-term maintenance plans are key considerations in developing a successful roofing plan for projects within the industrial and manufacturing market sector.

Retail Stores Roofing

A retail establishment’s roof is, quite aptly, its fifth wall. As such, the roof is vitally important to a business. It keeps out the elements and protects merchandise and shoppers. And today, it even reduces energy costs and promotes environmental soundness.

Incorporating new materials and processes can help save retailer’s crucial dollars, and avoid urban heat island effects.

Accommodating customers is a high priority for retail establishments, and it is one of our main concerns during retail roofing projects as well.

We work to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the site and keep the inconvenience to your employees and customers to a minimum.

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Food Storage – Food Processing

Food processing facilities may require a roofing system that can withstand exposure to oils and grease.

In a cold storage facility, the roof must maintain good vapor seals and perm ratings to withstand exposure to low temperatures. USDA regulations demand zero-tolerance for leaks. No tolerance for plasticizers or Chlorinated items either.

These facilities must also maintain a higher resistance to bacterial growth.

Green Star’s experienced team of contractors is prepared to address all of your concerns for food processing and cold storage facility development.

Educational / Religious Facility Roofing

Religious and educational facilities have a number of specific concerns when approaching a roofing project.

We will work with you to determine a roofing system that will suit your budget and deliver the long-term, low-maintenance performance you need.

Educational facilities often demand finite installation deadlines. During the installation, you can be sure we will keep the safety of your congregants or students as a top priority.

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Hospital and Medical Center Roofing

When Green Star Commercial Roofing completes a roofing project at your healthcare facility, rely on us to complete the project with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

Certain roofing parameters are crucial to the healthcare facility. Zero tolerance for leaks tops the list. The systems applied must be durable, but during the installation process, there must be a tolerance level for noise and odor to ensure the convenience and comfort of your patients.

The company that specializes in healthcare must have a service department that offers immediate emergency response to roofing issues.

From O.R./E.R./Outpatient/ICU, to freestanding facilities, Green Star is equipped to address any issues regarding the varied roofing applications over your specific healthcare edifice.

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