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Denton TX-Hail Damaged Commercial Flat Roofs!

On April 4th of 2014 a catastrophic storm producing 4 inches of hail came crashing down on industrial areas of Denton Texas.  

What does this mean to you if you own a commercial flat roof?

Well, imagine a baseball dropped from an airplane flying at 30,000 feet…imagine that baseball reaching speeds of 120 MPH as it falls to the ground, you see car windows bashing in, trees dropping all their leaves and homes being damaged.

Now imagine your roof, it’s a flat roof, you cannot see the damage however you see all the damage that surrounds your building. Your roof is not protected and just because you cannot see the visible damage does not mean that your roof did not take a terrible blow when hail came crashing down at such size and speed.

For peace of mind and to see if your roof suffered damage, contact one of our experts for a free, no obligation inspection!

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