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Aluminium Roofing Materials: Five Types Metal Roofing Materials

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

We all know there are uncountable options in the market, and it is not easy to decide which is the best option. Worry not; Green Star metal roofing will help you in every possible way. From aluminum roofing material to classic copper, the list has five favorites; we will talk about them in this post. You might not know, but each metal has its benefits, and if you want our advice, we will always suggest you choose Aluminum. Many people know it as the Cadillac of roofing, but in reality, a metal roof does not describe a specific product rather than an entire list of several products. Even the term itself does not explain whether you are taking zinc, steel, or copper. In this post, we will break down the difference in metal roofing and the pros of each material; let’s continue reading.

Varieties of metal roofing!

Aluminum roofing

You can say that Aluminum is the range rover of roofing; this metal roof is often highly recommended for use in coastal climates. The reason might be that Aluminum is resistant to salt. According to the experts, the aluminum roof will never get affected by corrosion because it is a highly active metal. If you want to know the prices of this type, you can contact us whenever you want.

Copper roofing

If Aluminum is the range rover of metal roofing, copper is Dune Buggy. Just like Aluminum, it is a highly long-lasting metal. According to a survey, a copper roof can live more than 200 years in an ideal environment. If your copper roof has reached the damaged condition, you can call all the professionals and consider recycling it. Remember you have to call the Dallas tx roofing company professionals for even the minor works; otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself.

Zinc roofing

Do any of you remember the original Humvee? An extremely durable vehicle that has the power to take you wherever you want at fair prices. In a nutshell, zinc is what can use its patina to heal scratches over time, plus stay strong for hundreds of years. The natural abilities of zinc make it different from the others and affordable too. Another good news is that it can be cleaned and controlled to an extent.

Steel roofing

For those who do not know, steel is an alloy made from iron and other elements. It is being used in every aspect of the building; even steel roofing is considered one of the most popular elements. When it comes to installing steel, it is much harder than the other elements like zinc and copper, but you do not have to worry about it; Green Star metal roofing will take care of everything.

  • Galvanized steel: galvanized steel is actually a part of the zinc. Creators use zinc to protect the inner layer of the steel from things like corrosion.

  • Galvalume steel: galvalume steel is similar to galvanized steel in some ways. But instead of zinc coating, creators use a mix of Aluminum and zinc to keep it safe from several things.

  • Weathering steel: this is a special type used for heavy steel industries such as bridge construction sites. The steel industry has made a significant impact in the last fifty years.

Tin roofing

Last but not least, tin roofing may not be as popular as steel and Aluminum, but that does not mean that it is less than any of them. Many people do not know when Aluminum became the standard for containers, which replaced tin roof sheets, so went the use of it as a DIY building material. Another fact about tin is that it was introduced as a canning material, not primarily for roofing.


As I was talking about above, We all know there are uncountable options in the market, and it is not easy to decide which is the best option. Aluminum roofing materials, zinc, copper, steel, and tin are the best option. Experts will always suggest you go for Aluminum.

For more information, contact GreenStar metal roofing.

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